The ergonomic of a water filter pitcher is very important. A water pitcher should be easy to hold and easy to pour. In addition, the pre-filtered water reservoir should be large enough to fill at least half of the pitcher. Both the Brita and ZeroWater pitcher reservoirs were able to fill at least half of the pitcher itself, so looking at the remaining ergonomic factors to differentiate between the two.

The Brita pitcher has been found to be a bit awkward to hold and use. The weight doesn’t feel particularly balanced, particularly in conjunction with the handle itself. Overall, the Brita pitcher feels like a simple, utilitarian product without much emphasis placed on aesthetic or ergonomic elements. While the ZeroWater pitcher can’t be seen winning any awards for artistic inspiration, the ZeroWater pitcher seems to have the best ergonomic feel overall. In addition to being easier to hold and to pour, the handle feels more comfortable.

As both children and the elderly are known to have wrist strength issues and the pitcher may contain hit water it is easier to hold the ZeroWater pitcher. If one is paying their hard earned money than one should scrutinize the tiniest details in order to get the best return of their purchase. In a match of ZeroWater vs. Brita, having the better filter system which is five step filtration process and more ergonomic appeal ZeroWater wins.